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cropped-logo-2.jpgIn March 2012, the first exhibition of Festival of Portraiture took place in Tehran, Iran. The exhibition focused on the theme of “Contemporary Human Face”, gathering selected artists in all photo based arts as well as classic photography.

Building on the success of the first exhibition, a second exhibition was held in 2013 at Sadrang Gallery in Tehran. The finalists were selected between more than 1200 works from all over the country by the jury panel included experienced artists, curators and University professors with the main theme of “Loosing Unity of Self Image”.

The third edition of the exhibition, gathering the same jury panel, was held in Shirin Gallery in Tehran in 2014. Some 52 works were exhibited, chosen from over 1900 entries around the theme of “Thinkery” according to Pascal’s famous quote” All of man’s misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room”.

In 2015, based on Portraiture Festival’s predetermined goals, we are trying to encourage and continue to support those young artists who were successful in previous festivals and who’s works were accepted by minimum techniques.

Hence, this year instead of previous public call for submissions, the festival will be held by way of invitation of young and active artists.

Fourth Portraiture Festival will see some slight changes compared to previous festivals. Divided in two parts, one with experienced artists who are approved and well known by the art society, and another with selected young talents. Reasons behind having this division is to link up with the young artist community and to endue experience to them.

As always, constancy in art production and attention to cognitive concerns, aligned with artist’s life experience, are key criteria in selecting art works for the festival.

Festivals secretariat :

App.6-No.20-Hakimi Alley-Pakistan St.-Beheshti Ave.-Tehran-Iran

Tel:+ 982188545972


Shirin Art Gallery:

No. 5, 13th St., Sanaee St., Karimkhan Zand Ave. – Tehran-Iran

Tel:+ 982188823742

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