1st Portraiture Fesitival

True understanding of human situation is eidetic in faces. In 1916 Paul Strands ‘’Blind’’ portrait pointed out this truth. Art dialect is needed by thought in rational threshold. Who could leave behind the horrors of WWI? The human capability of observing
World’s ongoing reality, serves in this way as a reminder.

Portrait aesthetic developed when the 20th century portraits in photographic media occupied itself with presenting social forces and events, and reporting on them. Photographers such as Diane Arhus and Larry Clark, despite of physical centralization in portrait, have also been involved in social peripheries.

Today, how should and could the art of portrait be?

Dialogue between the social logic of portrait and its aesthetical challenge (opposition of periphery, face, space and identity) could eventuate appealing contents and imports.

Such reciprocal could be a basis for presenting intellectual works of artists who produce art through photographic media.

Javid Ramezani