Our Team

C8 art group was founded in 2003 by Javid Ramezani, a group of young artists that gathered to start an experimental movement in photography, while there were only classic genres of photography such as fine art, journalism and documentary that was dominated the photography media in Iran. It was the time that first conceptual art exhibition was introduced to country’s art society and new ways in art were about to become acceptable by artists and critiques.

C8art group began with the concept of chance and destiny, each of eight members of the group photographed on other’s negative which was chosen by accident and the result was 30 art works which did not belong to any one, but every eight members; and 30/8 art group was born.( 30 is pronounced “C” in Farsi).

This group with the leadership of Javid Ramezani hold four photo based art festivals by the name of: The Annual Festival of Portraiture. That has its fourth edition exhibited in September 2015 in Shirin Art Gallery.

Today as a subdivision of Avam company the c8art group expanding its activities by holding management of an art news website (www.tandismag.com) and an educational and practical institute (Art Specialized Center: www.artsc.ir).

Group Members:

Javid Ramezani

Zeinab Saghafi

Mona Shahriari

Maryam Roshanfekr

Behrad Sharifi

Negin Firoozi

Hassan Kamali