2nd Portraiture Festival

Change and the speed of evolution of the contemporary human in his life and thoughts are inalienable. Collapse of beliefs and revealment of the truth that human’s axial existence depends on his material dimension apart from its confirmation or rejection, is an appropriate incentive for artist’s perspective on evolution about the human face and it’s representation.
Portraiture, seen as a mimesis axis tradition, is the most stable visual genre in presenting realistic image. In my opinion, artists who their works are focused on intervention in superficial realistic presentation, have more widespread possibility for expression in this issue. Choosing portraiture as the title of this movement is exactly due to providing this possibility for artists, and the use of different visual medias. Certainly this type of images creates a strong bond with its creator’s intentions.
This exhibition’s main approach is towards photo-art, although instant photos without editing has not been denied. Subject for this year’s exhibition is not photography as a medium but the illustration and experience of human character breaking into pieces. With this assumption that past is not recoverable and fluidity of human consciousness by passing time challenges his image of self-unity. To sum up:
Our view-point toward people around us is changing everyday but we don’t feel it.
How the relation between the human body and mind on the one hand and time on the other hand is defined.
How do we envision our own image?
How can virtual and theoretical spaces (cyberspace) apparent in human face be shown?
How is space, which is result of medias taking place inside contemporary middle class, thought of?
Does this space in a geometric progression swallows down human’s life nature or empowers it?
Maybe the tale of human faces or faces which are telling a story is the tipping point of visual images in this exhibition.

Javid Ramezani