3rd Portraiture Festival

“Thinkery” is the base and core of this year’s entry theme.

Through inquietude and loneliness as well as speed and hurry in our time, in the nonsense of the clicks in the Cyber Space and the random channel-swapping on TV, in getting drowned in the aimless labyrinth of smart phone menus, what remains for the human of the incumbent and self-subsistent era?

What is our achievement as inheritor of a delayed era of enlightenment, resulting in imitation of failed experiences? We have been able to make the ways of omitting problems smoother, easier and more colorful.

In this neoplatonic rationalist utopia; in environmental and mind pollution, there has been built such an amusement park, in a way that, after four hundred years Pascal’s magnificent quote is still shining on the tip of human ethology scale:

“All of man’s misfortune comes from on thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room”.

Instead of opening all the doors, links, text messages and consecutive clicks, we witness a human face who is sited, thoughtful and uncertain in front of availability, still gazing and thinking, away from stress and continuous act of doing and repeating.

Javid Ramezani