Look at me

Mahtab Shahrabi

Digital painting – 60*100 cm
How can thinkery be revealed? Is it embedded in our movements and facial forms? Is there a way for it to be manifest- ed through our eyes? We all look similar living side by side in the city at this mo- ment in the crowded sidewalks, behind the windows of the bursting buses, in our green and yellow taxis, on our symmetri- cal seats in the subway. Appearance makes the distinctions among the generations but our interactions are indeed dividing us into distinct groups. We are constantly wor- ried about our actions living under the eager looks of the others. In the midst of all these crowdedness, one can see faces deeply dived into their thoughts as if they are in a blob somewhere far away depart- ed from the current space. My goal is to reconstruct the blobs we are all living in by recording these looks and combining them with the imaginary spaces of artificiality.