from “Photography, Narratives” series

Milad Parvaz

Photomontage – 90*120
Contemplation and thought is the essence of science and philosophy. Its combi- nation of form and aesthetics, always reminds the function of art in one’s mind. It took several years for the photography, to prove that it has the both aspects. When the technical power is significant in photogra- phy, some Iranian audience, influenced by the prejudice, i.e. the technique is free of thought, they label the work as if it is su- perficial and they believe it is not a work of art. Maybe we have mistaken the sim- plicity in photography with thinking about the photography as an easy job. And we try to conceal the technical shortcomings and lack of formal aesthetics under deceptive titles such as fine arts. In the gaudy world and multimedia context of the contemporary arts, if the work has no obvious attractiveness, the audience may not pay attention to the concept.