Virtual world

Digital print – 50*70 cm
With the increasing advancement invirtual communication among people, we are apparently closer to each other and no longer feel the need to visit friends. We are all immersed in a virtual world created by ourselves and seem to be happy and satisfied.
Everyone is in a terrible rush, hurtling around,paying no attention to all the beau- ties around them. The human being has fallen victim to repetition and monotony of daily life in their real world. Apparently, we are all living next to each other. How- ever, a certain coldness has penetrated our relationships.
How often have you stopped to think whereyouareandwhatdirectionyouare taking in your routine rush? What is the purpose of all this speed and movement? How many times has it happened that you stopped just to look around and see how much loneliness you have managed to cre- ate yourselves?