Daye Sharife

Himan Nasimi

Thinner print – 70*140 cm
The modern man being involved in new affairs, in search of gaining new defini- tions about his self, is faced with an amal- gam of definitions that its intellectual foun- dation is changed day by day. This futile attempt to reach to a defined place has made human to encounter new goals that in order to be achieved they require chang- es in the old structures and tear-off of their frameworks. Art, in the modern world, has gained a multidimensional definition of human being which is changing day by day and in line with social changes, it also changes its directions and redefines its identity; a comprehensive definition that is responsive to the needs and requirements of the modern man.
The “return” collection has been worked on to praise the old generation and to be a memory and a search to know the worlds view as well as collective and personal identity of a generation whose presence is recorded in a frame of a moment of time so that their images would be a reason for the sequence of events and interconnected relationships which reveal their presence.