From Confusion Series

Amirhossein Biparva

Inkjet Print – 100*100 cm
Where did this confusion come from? When did it collapse on us? This is the age of avatars and HDs and full HDs and 4Ks. People are confused of successive upgrading technology filling up around us and the Earth is loading of rubbishes produced by humans, trees are being cut, cities are becoming larger and people are gaining weight. There is no way out, I feel it deep down inside. There are objects in my mind, they do not belong to me, they have been imposed to me. The technology gave me a present as well, it gave a present to everybody and we accepted it. I am tired of useless objects, but there is no escape. They areappearingonmybody,embrace me, I am full of stuffs. Noise, disorder and confusion surround me and win over me totally; a vertigo that never ends.