Warhol in the History of art in the contemporary Stone- age style

Mahdi Vafamehr

Engraving on stone – 40*40*88 cm
Since the beginning and innovation of pictorial tomb stones in the time of Fath- ali Shah Ghajar whose tomb stone was engraved by Mohammad Hossein Hajar- bashy (Esfahani?), till now when famous Brazilian stones are imported to Iran from China, the image of the dead is engraved on his tomb stone by imported technol- ogy; the process of dying and lying un- derneath a stone bearing one’s image has changed from a royal act to a popular and all-pervasive tradition.
Interestingly, the culture of domesticating bizarre elements and their burial in our coun- try has approximately started from the same period.
The process of domesticating and immo- lating alien concepts and images in these works has targeted contemporary art painters.
The images used by the artist are not only the portrait of contemporary artists but their self-portraits: History of modern art in the contemporary Stone- age style.
In these stone tablets referred to above a part the works belonging to contemporary art history is circumscribed in our tradi- tional attitude and the name of the painter is translated and engraved elegantly. That is why that this work is a self portrait of a part of Contemporary Iranian art and so- ciety.