hafte tir square –the last days of march.2014

Zahra Tabatabaie

Digital print – 100*70 cm
Museums, mosques , and churches might be the places that we would visit as we enter a city.However, squares have a sig- nificance role in Iran urban architecture. We encounter the word “square” in most of the addresses. Every city has a couple of main squares. Usually there is an impor- tance in giving a considerable attention in beautification of the square monuments, flowers, and other ornaments.Sometimes these squares become a momentum scen- ery for the tourists and visitors. In the list of Tehran’s main squares, undoubtedly we can find ValiAsr, Enghelab, and HafteTir. We live in these cities and give identity to them…We built these cities ourselves, and train people in there, and we ornament its squares for Nowrooz with these broad beautiful flower banners. Our identity is not far from our city’s identity.