Farzad Shekari

Digital print – 6*( 26*26) cm
Human, as a living creature, is pursuing a repetitive actuality through an infinite and borderless history, and that is noth- ing but living. A living that forms amid sophisticated and proportional interactions and fructifies. And maybe, until today, no element had the strength of disorganizing such formations like photography. A de- structive and yet constructive factor, an element that puts a bare and ambiguous image of man in front of him. A picture that is suspended in time, the time that is irreversible…
It is Right at the moment of gazing upon such pictures, that man encounters a sudden fall into the labyrinth of unknown universes, and that is the time you say: the most unseen and frivolous experiences of man take shape in the world of his picture. Experiences that do not tell of common tales, but do of the most unconscious liv- ings.