From the Threshold of thoughts

Shahrzad Gharachorlou

mixed media: oil color on digital print on paper collection – 2*( 90*120) cm
At a time when colorful activities of tech- nology govern our lives, distracts our minds while serving as a constant intruder that inhibits our ability to exercise self- exploration, I am forced to escape near my small corner window to find solace amidst this maddening chaos simply to look deep within myself.
I see the blue sky, observe the passing clouds, and glance at the delicate red flow- ers in the garden only to be reminded of the transient world around us. My rev- eries take me to my past. I explore my recollections and reach a page with an image of one who passed on and whose memory has been vividly, eternally im- printed in my mind.
That image is a colorful canvas that il- lustrates the various shades of life and in the background I am painting the sky, clouds and flowers on it to memorialize days passed; atime that will not come to life once more. The camera recorded this scene in my historyas well as an apathetic moment in time.